Al-I’tisam is staffed by people who have volunteerism at heart and the passion to bring smiles back into others.

mshah (@)

Mohd Shah spent a solid 30 years in a corporate world and managing his own business. He has no previous acquaintance with an NGO activities but everything changed upon his return from a mission to Gaza in 2013. The prolong conflict with Israel and the suffering endured by the Gazan has given him the awareness of the importance of the role of an NGO.

Upon his return, he founded Al-I’tisam Relief Program Association and has led this NGO ever since. 

Mohd Shah is on a mission to put Al-I’tisam as one of the leading Malaysian humanitarian NGO with a network of offices and partners worldwide, insyaAllah.


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Born on August 30, 1982 in Tanjong Karang, Selangor, Malaysia. Maziiana holds a bachelor degree in Film Directing and Broadcasting from MARA University of Technology, (UiTM) Shah Alam.

She started her career in early 2008 as a scriptwriter with a few TV stations. Then she expanded her career as Creative Director for a few film productions.

She involved in a lot of video project as a Director and Writer, especially for humanitarian corporate videos. To date, she has spent 15 years in media field. 

Her passion in humanitarian works brings her to the new adventure. In 2011, she joined Al-I’tisam as a Media & Program Development Officer. Her job scope are handling media publicity, programs and develop new volunteers. These have given her a truly satisfaction experience by helping people in need such as homeless, refugees, victims of natural disasters, wars and famines.

She loves these tasks, that turn herself to be a better person than yesterday. A lot to sacrifice to be in this line and a lot more challenges awaits her in the future.


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Subari began his career in a non-profit organisation here and has been with us since the beginning. He feels blessed to be part of an outfit that involves in humanitarian activities. As a staff of Al-I’tisam, he has the opportunity to be involved directly in a job of helping others and to make meaningful contribution especially to the underprivileged.

Furthermore, Subari is a regular member of our humanitarian missions in and outside the country since one of his tasks to supervise and lead Save Rohingya project. 

He hopes that everyone shall continue to support Al-I’tisam and together, we deliver the ray of hope and relief to those in need.


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Ab Hafiz is a graduate from the University of Science and Technology, Sana’a where he studied for 4 years. His last 2 years in Yemen was an eventful one.

The war broke and it was a very risky situation but he decided to stay and finish his studies despite the commotion. After graduating, he went back to Malaysia and joined a volunteering mission to Calais, France for a month. He spent his 30 days in France helping Syrian refugees by providing them hot meal through Soup Kitchen project. That was a significant turning point in his life helping people in needs. 

As soon as he came back from France, he joined NGO Al-I’tisam Relief Program Association with the focus to help the people of Yemen who by day, suffer more and more as the result of the long-running war. He will be based in Yemen to lead aid distributions, partnership and collaboration, fundraising activities and consultation with potential sponsors from time to time.

He hopes that people will respond to Save Yemen Project generously to help more Yemenis in need. By having enough fund, it will be of help to ensure smooth running of Al-I’tisam Bakery in Tihamah region which is already in production of 8000 pieces of bread per day to cater approximately 3000 needy families. 

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“Spread the love! Be the change you want to see in the world!” this is the message she wants to inspire and share with everyone around her. Maria holds a degree in Computer Science and prior to joining Al-I’tisam, she was a Coder cum Customer Service Associate. She believes in everything she does it must be something valuable e.g; giving back to the community. Consequently, she started thinking how to spark people striving for the world peace and create humanity awareness all along. Both skill set in web programming and customer service motivate her to inspire and educate others the importance of togetherness in helping less fortunate people around the world. As internet brands and technologies evolve each day, she always ready for new challenges. She loves to learn and re-learn new things in order to succeed and be in the know. She is a motivated team player with multiple roles in managing social media, digital marketing, web development, graphic design, IT services and related. Some of her daily tasks include creating effective strategies to reach out to the potential donors and also to ensure fundraising campaigns and humanity messages globetrotting through Al-I’tisam’s website and social media platforms respectively. 

fatimah (@)

Helping people enables not only for personal growth, but satisfaction and adventure as well“. This is a reason why Fatimah joint Al-I’tisam Relief Program Association, one of the registered NGO in Malaysia. 

Fatimah is an experienced accounts staff in insurance and tax consultant company. 

Now she is responsible in all aspect of accounting functions related to analysing, examining and presenting timely financial report that is use to assist in management decision making of Al-I’tisam Relief Program Association as non-profit organization.

As a key staff in accounts and finance department for more than twenty years she will share and serve her knowledge,  experiences and abilities to help Al-I’tisam to fulfill the urgent needs of the victims, make a real difference in their life and make the world a better place for everyone.


Along the way, we have met with many people who share our enthusiasm in volunteering. We have collaborated with many students and people from various university and locality. It’s because of them, we are able to move forward with our activities. JOIN US!


Al-I’tisam has received a great support from public be it in the form of financial donation or material such as food items, clothing, Al-Quran and religious books and so on. A large majority of Al-I’tisam support came from individual and public who feel obligated to share a portion of what they have with the less fortunate. Support from institutions, government agencies and corporate companies are still lacking and far between. More efforts are needed to command better attention from these important groups so that Al-I’tisam would be able to spread its wings further and wider. DONATE NOW!