People say that the power of giving is greater than the joy of receiving, but is it true? To really grasp the joy of volunteering, one has to experience it. It is not something that you can understand theoretically but practically. By helping people, it will not only benefit them and give them hope, but it will also improve you in so many ways.

Providing comfort to others gives the feeling of satisfaction and self-improvement to yourself. Not only it teaches you to be altruistic, it is also very rewarding. For muslims, we are all familiar with the how Allah multiplies the reward up tp 700 times for every good deeds we performed. Imagine that.

Throughout the 3 years since the start of Al-I’tisam Relief Program, we have been helped by many kindhearted volunteers in various of our projects. Together with our volunteers, we have gone to countries as far as France, Macedonia, Palestine and such, also not to forget our homeland.

How To Apply?


Interested in volunteering with us? We are looking for volunteers that have expertise in areas as follows;

  • Writing
  • Fundraising
  • Advertising and promotion
  • Media and corporate relations
  • Awareness and campaign
  • Graphic design

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