Food Aid – Bangladesh

Out of the total 600,000 Rohingyas living in Bangladesh, 95% of them live in unregistered refugee camps. Unregistered means that they not eligible to receive aid from UNCHR. They are already poor when they live in their homeland, fleeing their country made it just even worse. The food is insufficient, the water is unclean, the land is not fertile, the surrounding is unsafe. The only reason they still live there is because they have nowhere to go. They don’t have a proper toilet. All they have is a hole which they dug by themselves in replacement for a toilet. Being refugees, it’s very hard for them to get a job. The locals themselves are  difficult to get a job, let alone the Rohingyas. To make matters worse, NGOs are not allowed to help them because they fear that more will enter Bangladesh and worse the situation that is already bad. We cannot provide them a more comfortable house for them to live in, but we could at least give them food. In order to make this work, Al-I’tisam  has taken a brave action to visit many unregistered camps to set up a network to enable us to distribute Food Aid there. All we need now is your support and donation.


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