Food Aid – Gaza

As a result of 8 years of total blockage on Gaza imposed by Israel and Egypt, about 60% Gazans live below the poverty line set at USD2.00 per day. If the percentage is translated to numbers, around 1,128,000 Gazan live under extreme poverty. During the Ramadhan of 2015, we launched Iftar Gaza which was part of our Food Aid program.

  1. Food Package
  • Food item: sugar, rice, cooking oil, tea, tomato paste, beans, halvah, pasta, lentils, tahini, dates, cheese feta
  • Distribution: house to house
  • No of families: 300 families
  • Cost per package: RM157.00
  1. Vegetable Package
  • Types of vegetable: tomato, potato, cucumber, onion, eggplant, green pepper, lemon
  • Distribution: house to house and mosque
  • No of families: 300 families
  • Cost per package: RM116.00
  1. Meal for Breaking of Fast
  • Cooked meal: chicken or beef, rice, spices, soft drinks
  • Distribution: 1000 orphans, the poor, widows, unemployed and the disabled
  • Cost per package: RM54.00 (one meal is for 3 persons)

The Food Aid was distributed in refugee camps in Deir El Balah, Maghazi, Al-Burij, Zawayda, Rafah, Khan Younis and Al-Nurisat. There are no signs that show the life in Gaza is getting better. Things aren’t looking so good in the near future as the economic activity is slowing down because of very little raw materials are being allowed to come from Israel. Now that the gate connecting Gaza and Egypt is closed, they need our help even more. Let’s stand up for Gaza.


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