Malaysia has been blessed being one of the countries that have the lowest risk of disaster as compared to its neighbours. There are no major earthquakes, active volcanoes or typhoons that can cause a lot of havoc and horrible devastation.

The only threat the country has is the annual flood normally cause by heavy rain during monsoon. Flash floods and landslides occur from time to time mainly triggered by haphazard development and poor maintenance of slopes and drainage systems.

Al-I’tisam since its inception in 2013 has put the flood emergency relief program permanently on its calendar. Generally, we have sent food, volunteers for post-flood cleaning and back-to-school items.

The flood emergency relief activities will see expansion in its activities in our future intervention. Among others are;

  1. To establish collaboration with local organisations.
  2. To train volunteers.
  3. To ensure flood evacuation centre in our intended area of operation is ready early.
  4. To stock enough food for the flood victims.
  5. To standby search and rescue boats ready to go into action when the situation arises.

We call upon everyone to support this initiative. Your donation even as low as RM1.00 will go a long way to help save life and help to lessen the burden of the unfortunates.

Mother Theresa once said “If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one”


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