Gaza issues have been in the headlines of all medias since as long as we can remember. But the responsible parties are in no way close to solving the problems.

The day started as any other day. The kids were playing with each other while waiting for their mothers to finish making breakfast when  their windows were shattered by a strong force thus destroying their home. This isn’t some kind of plot from an epic war movie, this is Palestine.

Our volunteers were on the ground when bombs, mortar shells, tanks shells, rockets, artilleries and all kind of weapons available in Israeli arsenals were raining down on the tiny strip of land named Gaza on 7 July 2014 or 9 Ramadhan 1435H.

The 51-day onslaught on Gaza by the 4th largest and most sophisticated armed forces in the world on a group of people that do not even have a regular army to defend themselves have killed more than 2,500 people and completely destroyed in excess 100,000 homes. About 75% of the casualties were reported to be civilian and half of that were children.

Al-I’tisam promptly delivered emergency fund for our volunteers to set up a temporary kitchen to cook food for the war victims who were seeking shelters in schools after their houses were destroyed.

Some were lucky enough and their homes were spared from getting destroyed. Food packages were provided for these families to keep them going when food supplies were difficult and money was scarce because most Gazans were out of work or their business and livelihood were destroyed mercilessly.


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