Food Aid – Cambodia

According to the recent survey by Asian Development Bank, the poverty rate in Cambodia is estimated at around 35% out of the total population of 15.9 million. About 90% of them are in rural areas with majority depends on agriculture and fishing for their livelihood. They live in traditional villages with very little land for them to work on.

Farming yields are also small due to traditional farming method they used. This condition forces them to migrate to the sparsely populated northern part of Cambodia. However, lack of infrastructures such as road and irrigation system is making it difficult for them to turn over a new leaf. Opening up a new land is very dangerous. The untouched lands are infested with mines from the war era.

The poor people generally only have one or two meals per day. During the monsoon season, the river and the land is flooded thus retarding their farming activities. We regularly include the Food Aid program in our Humanitarian Aid Mission to Cambodia. Come join us by making contribution to our Food Aid program.


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