Vision Care – Rohingya

Poor vision is not a problem we can dismiss easily especially if it happens to children at school age. In short time, they will suffer learning difficulties and in the long run, it will affect their learning abilities and interest. Due to this reason, some oblivious parents might think that it’d be better for their children to quit school in assumption that their children are not bright enough. In view of the above, Al-Itisam has taken the initiative to conduct eye examination at some Rohingya religious school in the Kelang Valley area. Our first stop is the Madrasah Al-Islamiyah Al-Islahiyah, Meru on 10th May 2015. We are able to examine as many as 50 children from that school and eleven of them were found to have poor eyesight and are in need of a pair of glasses.

This Vision Care Programs was held with the cooperation of Menara Optometry, TTDI Jaya Branch, Shah Alam. The Optometry even provided the eyeglasses for the children at a discounted price. Al-I’tisam paid the balance for the children to receive free eyeglasses. Later on, we went to Madrasah Rohingya located in Gombak which houses around 40 Rohingya children. Among the 40 children examined, 16 are diagnosed to have poor vision. This time, our NGO cooperated with Eye Centre of Management and Science University of Malaysia. Under the MSU’s Prevention of Blindness Scheme, all the eligible children were give eyeglasses for free. During our visit, we also brought food packages and clothes and distribute them to about 50 Rohingya families staying around the school.


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