Al-I’tisam Relief Program Association is an NGO based in Malaysia. We focus on helping people around the world regardless of their race and religion. In December 2013, at the end of our first year operation, we have already left out footprints in 3 countries; in our own country Malaysia, followed by Gaza Governorate, Palestine and Cambodia.

In 2015, we spanned our work into 4 new countries namely; Burma, Bangladesh, Indonesia and India. While in 2016, we managed to extend our services to Syria, Yemen, France and Macedonia. In our expansion plan for 2017, we hope to be present in other countries such as Bosnia and Kosovo. We too have requests from the other poor regions to collaborate in the poverty alleviation program, Clean Water Project as well as our annual Qurbani program. We will evaluate each proposal and measure it against our resources.

Our works are divided into categories as below;

  • Al- I’tisam Disaster Fund

  • Al-I’tisam Children Education Fund

    As the popular saying goes, “Today’s children are tomorrow’s leader”. Education is their passport to the future. Help us groom our future leaders through this fund. Education is no trivial iss

  • Children Sponsorship Program

    A statistic conducted by the Palestine Central Bureau of Statistics shows that at least 2.7% of the Palestine children are orphaned as of 2010 as the result of the war. Please lend a helping hand by s

  • Clean Water Project

    If water is the essence of life, then you can imagine how much more important CLEAN water is. Some poor places do not have access to clean water, this is where we come into action! With as low as RM75

  • Food Aid

    Do you remember the feelings of going home to see hot food served on your table?  Exactly. Deliver the same happiness to those less unfortunate people. Furthermore, food has always been at the base o

  • Humanitarian Mission

    Malaysia, Cambodia, Yemen, Palestine, Acheh, Syria

  • Qurbani & Aqiqah

    Palestine, Cambodia, India, Syria, Macedonia, Bangladesh & Burma

  • Vision Care

    Not only eyes are the window to your soul, they are also the window to the outside world. Through wear and tear, they can be debilitated and (almost) always, glasses are the ultimate solution. Let’s


Since our inception, the number of community-based humanitarian organizations that Al-I’tisam Relief works with has been constantly growing. We are committed to a partnership-based approach, and our network of partners now covers most of the countries we work in. By working through partners, we are able to ensure that more of your donations reach those in need, rather than being spent on administration and

By working through partners, we are able to ensure that more of your donations reach those in need, rather than being spent on administration and traveling costs. At the same time, project implementation and maintenance are better monitored and supervised to maximize success rate at a more effective costs.


We Need You!

“Be the change you want to see in the world”

We all dream of a crisis-free world. Where people have enough food to eat and clean water to use. Help us actualize your dream utopia by donating to us.

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