Humanitarian Aid Mission - Malaysia

Jelajah Kasih Ramadhan  (Living the spirit of Ramadhan tour)

Date : 9 June to 12 June 2014
Destination : The village of Semoq Beri tribe (indigenious people) Kampung Sungai Pergam, Kemaman Volunteers : The staff and directors of Al-I’tisam, lecturers of Mara University of Technology and Asyik FM, Radio & Television Malaysia.


  • Religious program; Counselling one-on one on religious matters. Religious classes for the elders and children.
  • Distribution of aid; free clothes by Al-I’tisam Free Boutique and gifts.
  • Healthcare; dental check-up and treatment (mobile dental clinic)
  • Motivational talk for the youth; Mengubah Destinasi Orang Asli (Improving the future of indigenious people)
  • Food aid; Special feast for breaking of fast (Ramadhan)
  • Live radio show on Asyik FM

Flood 2014
The flood began in the middle of Dec 2014 in Kelantan and continued to cause problems in Terengganu and Pahang. The flood began in the middle of Dec 2014 in Kelantan and continued to cause problems in Terengganu and Pahang untul the later part of January 2015. This was the one of worst flood ever occurred in Malaysia. More than 100,000 people were evacuated and thousands of homes were damaged with some more severely than the others. This video from CCTV News revealed part of the devastation caused the flood.
Mission 1
31 Dec 2014 to 2 Jan 2015.
Al-I’tisam Flood 2014 mission was diverted from Kota Bharu to Tumpat at the last minute due to an urgent appeal by Tumpat Flood Relief Centre operated by a local organisation. Maybe not many relief aid organisations realised that Tumpat was also one of the worst hit area in Kelantan. Their supply especially food items were running very low when arrived there. Our relief mission came in with about 20 volunteers, 4 units 4WD and 2 units 5 tonner box van loaded with food and other supplies. Our arrival was quite timely and all the goods were immediately distributed to the affected areas at day break till the late hour of the night.
Mission 2
7 Jan to 9 Jan 2015
The mission was carried out 5 days after the first mission. The destination this time was the district of Jerantut in Pahang. After days of rain the river burst its bank and as a result thousands of people were affected. The mission was to help in the clean-up operation and distributed food aid as well as back to school items. The mission was accompanied by about 15 volunteers in two vans. One unit of 5 tonner box van was hired to deliver the aid items.
Mission 3
30 Jan – 31 Jan 2015
The third mission was to focus on back-to-school items and was delivered to district of Temerloh in Pahang. Thousands of school children lost their school uniforms due to the flood. Al-I’tisam delivered school bags, uniforms and other items for the children. 
Flood 2013
Mission 1
Dec 10th to Dec 12th, 2013
On Dec 7, 2013 The Malay Mail Online reported; “The torrential flood which battered Kemaman, especially the town of Cukai between Dec 2 and 5, has been described as worse than that which struck the district in 1971, and last year. Kemaman Drainage and Irrigation (DID) district engineer Abdul Razak Ahmad said the highest rainfall exceeding 1,161 millimetres (mm) was recorded at the Jabor rain station, and 1,029mm at the Padang Kubu rain station.” Al-I’tisam launched a mission to the East Coast states from 10th to 12th Dec 2013 and delivered foods aid to Pekan in Pahang and subsequently the team proceeded to Kampung Bukit Mentok, one of the worst hit areas in Kemaman.
The team distributed food packets conataining rice, sugar, flour, canned food, biscuits, condensed milk, eggs, breads, and instant mee to 150 families affected by the flood. Other items were adults and baby diapers, batik sarongs and pelikat sarong. Another 300 food packets were brought to Kampung Bukit Mentok and distributed to villages there. Besides distributing foods aid, the team were also armed with cleaning equipment and immediately set to work to help the villages particularly the elderly and the disabled to clean their house.
Mission 2
Dec 20th to 22nd, 2013
As we had promised the flood victims in Kemaman, we returned with about 400 packets of foods aid, 100 units of gas stoves and some school uniforms. We delivered the gas stoves and school uniforms to Kampung Bukit Mentok and foods aid to Taman Bukit Mentok where the flood water was up to ceiling. All the houses in this housing area suffered the fate.